Company Profile

HiFlex Bellow & Engineers (P) Ltd has been designing and manufacturing tuned products to solve expansion and sealing issues in various industries since 2007. The bellow is the flexible element of expansion joint which is strong enough circumferentially to withstand the pressure and flexible enough longitudinally to accept the deflections for which it is designed. Strength with flexibility makes it unique from other industrial components.

Based on a broader classification, Bellows can be divided into two main classes, Metallic and Non- Metallic expansion joints. We design and manufacture bellows in specified shapes, sizes, material of construction and other specifications depending on application and working conditions or as per drawing provided by the customer.

We have been manufacturing Bellows and Fabric expansion joints in various shapes like round, square, hexagonal, octagonal etc in Stainless steel, Mild steel, Leather, Rubber, Asbestos, Canvas, Nylon, Rexine, High temperature aluminum cloth and any other material depending on applications and conditions or as per drawing and specification of the customer. We also manufacture rubber expansion joint with both fixed and rotating flange depending on application and also Stainless Steel Corrugated flexible hose.

We have a history of over 1500 successful installation in different parts of the country covering wide range of applications in almost all the core sector industries like Steel, Iron, Ferro-alloys, Cement, Power, Paper, Aluminum and Zinc etc.

We also manufacture Spares of Power plant Boilers like various Nozzles, Fuel cross, Drag chains, Ferrules and Feeders.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high, as per drawing or specification, quality products at reasonable cost, which is easy to install and lasts longer.